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When is Ramadan 2018? How is Ramadan Festival Celebrated?

When is Ramadan 2018? How is Ramadan festival celebrated – Ramadan will begin on Tuesday 15th of May in 2018. It is a season in which the people who follow the religion – Islam, keep fasts and are on a strict schedule of prayers and the timings of when to eat. Islamic calendars are based on the sighting of the moon. In the ninth month of Islamic calendar, when the sighting of the moon occurs, Ramadan is considered to be started. As the starting of every month is dependent on the sighting of moon and Ramadan is a special time of godly blessings and rituals like praying and fasting, the starting date can be a bit of confusion due to different geographical and environmental conditions in various places in the world. It still needs to be accurate as it is an important auspicious event.

Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan

When is Ramadan 2018, 2019, 2020?

Ramadan 2018 Date & Time – As we mentioned above, Ramadan will begin on 15th May 2018. The scheduled date falls on Tuesday. While Ramadan will end on 14th June which is  Thursday. So note these two days and dates for all those who are searching for Ramadan start & end dates & days.

Year Date
2018 15-05-2018
2019 05-05-2019
2020 23-05-2020

How is Ramadan Festival Celebrated?

Ramadan is mainly celebrated by keeping a strict fast. Fasting is supposed to be one of the most important things in Islam. People are not supposed to consume any solid or liquid form of food when the sun is shining. From age 12, the followers of this religion can start keeping fasts. Before sunrise, Muslim families wake up and have a meal which is called “sohour”. After sunset, people have a meal again which is called “iftar”. Many people have their friends come over to have this meal with them. It has become a celebration and people organize these “iftaar parties” to get together and share their food with other people. People wear festive clothes and go out to meet friends or to family gatherings.

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